New research into online casino gamification

The world of online casinos was recently subjected to something of a minor upheaval with the introduction of a new breed of gamer.

Those schooled on the likes of multi-player role playing games such as World of Warcraft are proving a challenge for traditional online casinos to satisfy. The depth of experience demanded by such experienced gamers is more than online slots offerings of the time could match…so something had to be done.

With a well-paid and heavily online market sitting for the taking, online casinos knew they had to pull out their A-game, and indeed they did. This new generation of casinos brings role-playing game mechanics and ‘level up’ style tasks and challenges to the world of online casinos…it’s an exciting development!

Some of the major proponents of this new generation include Casumo and Kaboo…the ‘weird’ names belying a sophistication that other online casinos cannot match. With prizes like Free Spins (real money spins on the many online slot machines hosted on these sites), Match Bonuses (where you receive a like for like matched amount on your deposit courtesy of the casino…with serious terms and conditions of play attached of course!) up for grabs for dedicated ‘adventurers’, the formula seems to have hit a spot with fans of standard role playing games.

For more on this phenomenon, visit the UK Casino Awards website. We thanks them for supplying us with this information and for commissioning us to undertake further evaluation and study into the area. Stay tuned!