The Impact of Research

Research can be understood to be the process of the making developments which can have a positive impact on the world. These contributions can be made in any field or sphere, here we will highlight some of the benefits of research in different areas.

Medical Research

Medical research is one of the most well funded and important areas of research that goes test-218181_960_720on worldwide. Medical research is not quite as self explanatory as it may seem at the first. It is not only about curing diseases
such as cancer and HIV, but also about improving the quality of life for society. With the assistance of scientific research we can not only live longer lives, but also live a healthier and more comfortable existence.

Environmental Research

Environmental research is a growing academic field and is of growing importance with the rise of climate change becoming ever more important on the political agenda. The broad goal of environmental research is to lower carbon emissions and reduce climate change. However, this is not the only goal. Researchers are also working on how to lower pollution (which can cause respiratory disease), finding alternative energy sources that are cheaper and less damaging to the environment and also how we can develop urban spaces to retain as much green land as possible as the population continues to grow.

Political Research

Political research is also continually important in an ever more globalized and populated world. Political research covers a broad range of topics from humanitarian issues, looking at how social policy can make life fairer for global citizens to taking a critical look at different forms of democracy and how they can be more inclusive and representative of a particular nation state or country. Other aims of political research include combating radicalization and how to deal with the mobilization of people and ever growing international migration.